Below you will find the most frequently asked questions from our clients along with their answers. If you have any questions, there’s a good chance you’ll find a solution below.


At PLAST-MET, individuals with disabilities are employed across various positions, both in administration and in production areas. Naturally, we ensure that they undergo necessary medical examinations enabling them to work in positions that suit their needs.

Our HR Department makes every effort to promptly review the job application form and/or CV and get in touch with selected candidates. All applications submitted in response to the job offer receive an automatic notification of review by our HR Department. If there is an interest in a candidate’s application, the HR Department will contact the candidate by phone.

We ensure that everyone has the opportunity for professional development through access to training, both in-person and through e-learning, as well as the chance to engage in diverse projects and professional challenges. We create opportunities for growth within the organization. Internal recruitment is a standard practice for us, and many of our employees have progressed within the company through internal transfers, both in production roles and administrative positions.

In our company, we typically work from Monday to Friday, and in the administration, there’s flexibility in working hours (starting between 7:00 and 9:00). Therefore, balancing work with studies during the weekends is entirely feasible.

In our company, we also hire individuals on a part-time basis. This is assessed based on the specific job’s work structure and requirements.

We always hire our employees based on an employment contract. For production roles, the initial employment contract is signed for a 3-month probationary period. The subsequent contract is typically for a year. Further contract extensions may then transition to an indefinite period or, in accordance with labor laws, for a maximum of 33 months. For administrative positions, our usual practice involves starting with a fixed-term contract of 6 months. The following contract is usually for an indefinite period.

In our company, the employee onboarding process begins on the first day of work. On this day, every new employee undergoes a full-day orientation training. During this session, we familiarize them with general information about our company, covering areas such as production, quality, processes, IT, HR, and provide them with necessary personal protective equipment and IT tools. Subsequent onboarding days are spent on the specific workstations, and depending on the area, this process can last from several days to even up to six months.

Before you send us your CV, you should understand how the recruitment process works. The selection of individual recruitment stages depends on the type of position and the nature of the work. It typically consists of:

Phone Interview

Face-to-Face Interview

Skills Tests

Feedback from our Company

Internships in our company are available in every department. Every year, numerous interns join our teams.

It all depends on the position for which the internship is conducted – we are always open to expanding our team.